Civilization By The Uncivilized

Why will you allow uncivilized people to introduce us to civilization. They claim they know much about the bible. They actually brought Christianity to Gold Coast but they are hypocrites in disguise.

People were living freely on their lands. No one knows the activities of the people and how ethnic groups behaved. Chiefs ruled their people with concern, respect and sense of development creating a serene environment for everybody.

Gold Coast which is present Ghana had so much to tell if she has to open her mouth one day. The way her people were treated by “civilized-uncivilized” people who call themselves “colonial masters”. 

Much need to be told to the people who claim they ruled us. The story needs to be told.

There were about forty slave castles built on shores of Gold Coast. Among them is the most famous castle “Cape Coast”. It was built by the Swedes when they came to Gold Coast to aid them in timber and gold trade  The Swedes came to Gold led to trade with the local people. The castle later was owned by the British who introduced slavery.

Slavery started on the shores on Gold Coast by the British. Parents sold their children into slavery and some of the slaves were forcely kidnapped and brought into the dungeons. They had the male and female dungeons both seperated from each other. The male dungeon had no place for the men to ease themselces so they had to do it in the sane room they lived in.

The torture and treatment the slaves had to go through was enough to tell you how uncivilized the civilized people are. Females in their dungeons did not experience their monthly menstrution period because the maltreat and torture they went through. 

Full story to follow up… Stay put…

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