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In life, the journey to success comes with lots of barriers – temptations, short sights and disappointments. The race must be won and it is does not necessarily mean you have to be first. Just make you finish well.

Popular quote of the journey of life by Craig D. Lounsbrough says”The reason my life has wandered to nowhere is likely due to the fact that the focus of the moment has dictated the destination of my life, when the destination of my life should have been dictating the focus of the moment”.

Anything to be accomplished has a lot it takes to become what it is. No one will ever succeed without putting in all or some of his or her efforts. 

Luke 14:28 says ” don’t begin until you count the cost. For who will begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?” This implies that before you start a journey in life to need gather your resources, work on your weakness, be determined, build your faith and believe and build a strong relationship with God. If all these are not met, one may end up halfway, lost or aimless in life. 

Jesus set a journey for himself before he was even born and He had to complete it and complete it well. He didn’t give up, though he faced lots of expected challenges. Example He was betrayed by one of His disciples and again He was denied by His favorite disciple. With all these, He didn’t for once showed a sign of regret for taking such a difficult task which needs to be accomplished by hook or by crook. Jesus was a perfect examplary for the world. 

Lets take a look at another bible personality who was determined to finish hard despite all the hatred and false accusations. Joseph finished his race with determination, perseverance, self control and true faith. He was sold by his own brothers and he was accused falsely by his master’s wife. Despite all these he never gave up, he kept the faith moving. 

The race had been won by several other people. With the likes of Aristotle, Newton, Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela and others. They all started from a point with less determination, so much weaknesses, pre-occupied minds about failure but they stepped up, calculated the cost they have to endure and did their best to accumulate the necessaries for the race. 

We all can do it. No one was born a failure. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” – Jeremiah 29:11. God has and had plans for all living souls alive but it requires your effort, determination, among others to take up the mantle and shape it to become your destiny. 

Never give up even if you haven’t calculated the cost to construct your desired building – your destiny, strive hard to accumulate much for it. Your destiny is in your own hands. You are required to make sure God’s plans are fulfilled in your destiny. 

Let’s these two words be with you everywhere, anywhere you found yourself, anyhow you see yourself….. “Finish hard….finish hard….finish hard”

Timothy was recommended to fight a good fight for a true course and faith( 1 Tim. 6:12) and later he was acclaimed because he fought the good fight and won it( 2 Tim.4:7). Say to yourself  I must surely finish hard even when if the race is the hardest.

Happy Sunday…. God’s blessing and favour will surely locate you anywhere. 

Scripture Guides: Luke 14:28, Matthew 4:17, 1 Timothy 6:12, 2 Timothy 4:7 & Jeremiah 29:11

Copyright: Fayah


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