Nana Wan (Mr. Wealth) Calls For The Arrest Of ‘Sakawa’ Nana Wan (1) Who Confessed To Killing Babies, Sisters & Son In Exchange For Wealth

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We broke the story of one Nana Wan (1) who made a shocking confession at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church at Gbawe that, he had killed 114 babies, 2 sisters his son in exchange for wealth. We reported that he first started making those confessions at the church on Monday, September 19,2016 and was asked to tell his story again yesterday (Sunday 25th September,2016).

The man who identified himself as Nana Wan was scheduled to die this last week Monday as he was been haunted by the spirit and that was how he ended up at the Resurrection Power New Generation Church….. For the purpose of this story, we would leave that story here.  You Can read it again below.

There’s been an interesting twist to the story as the Nana Wan who made those confessions was identified as another Nana Wan who’s also known as Mr.Wealth, CEO of Nana Waife Group of Companies and president of Showboy’s  2 Hhype music. He’s known to be fabulously rich as well and many pointed fingers at him because of the allegedly striking resemblance.

Sources have hinted that, the main Nana Wan is currently in the USA and in a video made available to us, Nana Wan is seen in a Facebook Live which was made moments ago calling for the arrest of the other Nana Wan who claims he killed 114 babies for the ritual.

The church where the confession was made stopped anyone from making a video recording or to even take pictures, so we can share the pictures of the other Nana Wan who allegedly looks like this Nana Wan. We have however managed to get an audio recording of  part of the confession he made in the church where he mentions his name and some bit of the revelation.


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